Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Closing Swimming Pools & Democracy

Read this article on the closure of two swimming pools in Bristol.

So... we have an aging population, more unfit than ever and someone somewhere thinks it makes sense to close two badly needed pools. Why: because it saves money.

Here's what you can do to stop it:
  • get passionate - stay passionate about the issue!
  • find out the email address of your local MP, local councillor or parish councillor (start at at or the council website and work backwards)
  • send her/him a mail asking for their stance on the issue
  • if she/he supports closure; tell them that you will vote for whoever opposes closure and, if you can't find a suitable candidate; you will stand for office.
Many MPs and councillors hold very slim majorities. Standing against them as a single issue candidate may not change the world but it might start a big ball rolling.

And this argument doesn't only apply to the people in Bristol. If you can see something is stupid and, despite your complaints, nothing is done then - do something.

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