Thursday, December 01, 2005



Links between human beings, friends, families, and whole communities are now more tenuous than ever - despite the information superduper highway.

You might wave a blackberry to prove me wrong or show me the number of personal mails in your mailbox or quote me the number of times you receive instant messages from your kids or tell me how long you’ve been on the ‘phone to your mother just today. But – I argue that all these are (sometimes) contacts of little depth. Shallow. Tenuous. Ephemeral. Nice but not enough.

When was the last time you really communicated something of value with someone who counts. Does the ILY at the end of the mail count? How about the ‘love you’ at the end of a call? Sure, I know you meant it. Sincerely. Really. But could you honestly say you were mentally looking that person in the eye at the time?

I don’t mean that the quantity of words makes a difference. But the way you use them does and the context, the richness of language.

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