Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Chicken Little and Henny Penny

Chicken Little & Henny Penny Stories
As I passed 40 then 50, I noticed that my rant ratio increased and continues to do so. I see stories on the TV news and in the newspapers that are all based on the same premise:”the sky is falling!”
Usually the stories are statistics-based and so stupid that even with basic maths skills they are obviously wrong, wrong, wrong. Example ‘Becoming A Father Civilises Men’ from the BBC. Apparently fatherhood significantly reduces testosterone levels. This is based on a survey of 126 men.
66 unmarried men had slightly higher levels of the 30 married men who did not have children.
So – does the last statistic prove that marriage also slightly reduces testosterone levels?
The worrying thing about this is that the report does not say ‘may’. It reports that whole survey finding as fact. Sheesh. Stop it. Can we have the news back – please.

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derailuer said...

of course fatherhood would reduce testosterone levels..

Once a man gets married for the most part his life becomes complacent, and for the most part, he has done what " society" told him all he could do . its OVER.
there is NO reason to have goals..
SO therefore the need to " confirm" oneselfs identity sexually is put on the " back burner" so to speak.
hes born .
he " breeds" and he dies.
its really kinda like that if you simply look a the histroy of men and how they have been brainwashed by society.