Friday, October 28, 2005

Horsley MO360

Horsley MO360

I mentioned before that one of my interests is the insanely great Horsley Camera Company. This morning, after starting work on the day job @ 6.45, I had a creative epiphany - a ‘what if’ moment.

You know that you can put 35mm film into any medium format camera and turn it into a panoramic (of sorts) – well…. what if we did this to a medium format panoramic? Mike Rignall (our incredibly talented camera designer and CDO*) pondered and came back to me with the Horsley MO360: a full functional 360-degree panoramic camera powered by hand. Woohoo!

With negatives that are 24mm x 200mm in size! Lawks-a-mussy.

The great thing was… Mike did the original design 4 years ago. So…. Following ‘Ethel’ (see my earlier post), We will release the Horsley MO360 in a couple of weeks. Watch this space.

*CDO = Chief Dream Officer

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steve said...

Rename: The ECO360 is now the Horsley MO360 and launches soon.
-- Steve